National Health Center Week
August 9-15, 2020

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Sponsors Can Be Partners in an Event with National Visibility and Local Impact

Every August, the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) sponsors National Health Center Week (NHCW) to inform the American public, state and federal policymakers, and the media about America’s over 1,400 Community, Migrant and Homeless Health Centers. These Health Centers now serve as the “family doctor” for over 28 million people.

National Health Center Week is a unique opportunity not only to demonstrate your company’s support for America’s Health Centers, but also to initiate and build relationships directly with local Health Centers in communities you care about. In addition to recognizing your support before over 28 million Health Center clients and nearly 220,000 health professional staff in over 11,000 locations nationwide, we at NACHC also want our National Health Center Week sponsors to be more than financial supporters. We want to help connect you to the communities and Health Centers you care about by arranging for you to be sponsors of local events and work directly with the Health Centers themselves in planning and carrying out their events.

As a national sponsor of Health Center Week, you will be demonstrating your commitment to the growing Health Center movement through our national visibility program. Your support will help:

  • Deliver financial support and Health Center week tool-kits to Health Centers to be used to support local or regional events
  • Increase the production of Spanish language materials on the NHCW website to help reach the nearly 7 million Hispanic clients at Health Centers
  • Help make the production and sale of NHCW items affordable for more for Health Centers to allow them to enhance their events
  • Support and promote a coordinated local and national media effort that will attract print, television, radio and internet-based media

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