National Health Center Week
August 9-15, 2020

Finding Sponsors

Five Simple Steps To Recruiting Sponsors for Your Local Events
Seeking Local Sponsorship For Your Health Center Events

Step 1: Write a description of what your event might look like.

  • What will the event be called?
  • Who do you expect to attend?
  • Who has been invited?
  • Who has confirmed?
  • Where will you hold your event?
  • When will you hold your event(s)?
  • Why are you holding your event?
  • Why is it important?
  • How can sponsors help or be involved/included? What’s in it for them?
  • What benefits will your sponsor receive by sponsoring the event?
  • Why should they care whether or not they get involved?
  • How will their time/money be used?
  • What type of support are you looking for? Financial, in-kind contributions, give-aways, catering etc. Provide choices of how they can be involved.

Step 2: Make a list of your potential sponsors.

  • What local businesses do you often work with? Banks, Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Chamber of Commerce, Churches, Heating/Fuel Providers, Medical Supply Companies etc.
  • What local businesses employ large percentages of your patients?
  • What local businesses might be interested in social responsibility?
  • Do any local businesses have social service programs?
  • Check with your health center board and members for recommendations on likely

Step 3: Make your initial contact and request.

  • Before contacting your sponsor, research to see if they have a process for these types of requests.
  • Try to establish who your contact person at the company should be for scheduling meetings and making your request.
  • Make an appointment well in advance to make your request.
  • Don’t be discouraged if they ask for a proposal first before scheduling a meeting. Send a proposal/request and follow up to schedule a meeting face to face if possible.
  • Be prepared with your event plan and examples of how their sponsorship could be used both to their benefit and yours.
  • Follow up- Always thank your contact, whether they agree to sponsor your event or not.

Step 4: Produce Results- Make good on what you proposed.

When a group agrees to be a sponsor, deliver the results you promised.

  • Turn Out- Make sure people attend the event.
  • Exposure- Provide the exposure your sponsor was seeking.
  • Appreciation- Publicly thank your sponsor.
  • Community- Make the community aware of their sponsorship.
When a group chooses not to sponsor . . .
  • Attendance- Invite the group to attend the event anyway, so they can see what the value of their involvement might have been for next time.
  • Marketing- Send any marketing materials produced for or after the event, to illustrate the value in sponsorship for next year.
  • Future Plans- Encourage their involvement in your next event.

Step 5: After your event, follow up- Thank You’s

  • Always follow up personally, with a note or in person, recognizing the support of the
    Give them information on the success of the event
  • Let your sponsor know how their support helped the health center and community.
  • Thank your sponsor and leave an invitation open for the next event.
    Recognize their support publicly if possible.


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