National Health Center Week
August 9-15, 2020


When it comes to Health Centers and National Health Center Week there’s never a shortage of stories to tell!

From the reason you got involved with your health center – that special light bulb moment that told you ‘this health center is extraordinary’ – to the positive impact the health center has had on your life, the patients it treats or the community it serves, telling the ‘health center story’ is one of the best ways to celebrate all the wonderful things about America’s Health Centers!
In celebration of National Health Center Week we want to hear YOUR ‘health center story’ and all the reasons you and your community have to CELEBRATE America’s Health Centers.

  • Do you think your health center is special? Tell us what’s so special about your health center and why you’re celebrating during National Health Center Week.
  • Do you have an outstanding community volunteer, staff or board member at your health center? Tell us about their contributions and how they have helped make YOUR health center successful.
  • Does your health center have a special care program that is providing unique services tailored to meet the needs of YOUR community? Tell us about the unique ways that your health center cares for those in need in your community.
  • Has the health center helped or improved your life or the life of someone you know? Tell us about the ways your health center affected positive change for you or others in the community.

One common factor exists among almost everyone involved with health centers; we all have a health center story to tell and our stories and experiences is part of what makes the Health Centers Program and community so special and unique.

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Jackson-Hinds: Mississippi’s local engine to healthier communities

By Emily W, Raymond MS

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During NHCW 2014, Jackson-Hinds had a series of events. 1.) Attended open house at 22 local schools that we serve 2.) Naming and Ribbon Cutton Ceremonies for two FIP facilities for Cogressman Bennie G. Thompson and Civil Rights Activist, the late Dr. John Brown and State Senator Willie Simmons (Bennie G. Thompson Health Facility and Brown/Simmons Utica Clinic) 3.) Health and Immunization Fair Collaboration with Magnolia Health Plan, Mississippi Division of Medicaid and United Healthcare 4.) Each department displayed eduational information for our patients during the entire week 5.) Provided school supplies, uniform vouchers and gift cards to our school-aged patients.


Family HealthCare Network Celebrates Community Health

By Nikki G, Visalia CA

Family HealthCare Network tells the story of its history and explores the impact of Community Health Centers as local solutions for affordable, accessible and comprehensive health care. This video provides the perspectives of FHCN providers, patients and Kerry Hydash, President & CEO, on how community health has impacted the communities FHCN serves in Tulare and Kings Counties. Family HealthCare Network is a private, nonprofit community-based organization established in 1976. We have grown from a small renovated gas station that was used as an outpatient health center in Porterville with the primary mission of serving the underserved farmworking community to a multi-site primary health care network serving over 188,000 patients from Tulare and Kings Counties. We are one of the largest providers of care in the country for underserved populations and stand as a model demonstrating value and effectiveness in reducing health disparities and improving the health status in communities in need.

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