National Health Center Week
August 9-15, 2020

Public & Civic Support

  • HOSTING A MEMBER OF CONGRESS AT YOUR NHCW EVENT? Click here for state-specific talking points you can use!
  • REQUEST A PROCLAMATION recognizing National Health Center Week 2019 from your Governor, State Legislature, Mayor, City Council, County or local governing body. Click here for the 2019 proclamation template.
  • INVITE AND RECOGNIZE ELECTED OFFICIALS AND THEIR STAFF. Invite your elected and other state and local officials to participate in Health Center Week activities.  Click here for our 2019 template invitation.

LET US KNOW! If a Member of Congress confirms to visit your health center during NHCW 2019 or if an elected official issues a proclamation to recognize Health Center Week in your state or city — send us an email at


Learn how to schedule a Member of Congress to visit your Health Center from the Health Center Advocacy Network’s toolkit. Use the 2019 Congressional Calendar below or here to print it.


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