National Health Center Week
August 12-18, 2018

Sunday, 8/12 – Legislative Appreciation Day

One way to make your National Health Center Week celebration and events even more successful is by engaging legislators and legislative staff. Whether it’s your Congress, your state legislators or your county/local officials, or their staff, NHCW provides an excellent opportunity to connected with policymakers locally at your health center. Consider the following: 

  • Health Center Tours with Legislators or Legislative staff – Invite legislators and/or staff to come for a tour of the Health Center to see firsthand all the good work you and the health center team are doing to care for the community.
  • Awards Events with Elected Officials or Staff – whether you present an award to your elected official(s) recognizing their support, or you ask them to present an award to a deserving team member at the health center, awards and recognition are always a great way to connect with policymakers.
  • Submit a Letter to the Editor (LTE) or Opinion Editorial to Your Local Media Outlet –  use the NHCW media templates to submit an LTE or OpEd addressing your policymakers and/or their staff, expressing appreciation and/or explaining the reason why their continued support is so important for the health center and the patients you serve.
  • Recognize your legislative contacts. Templates coming soon. 




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