National Health Center Week
August 12-18, 2018

Friday, 8/18 – Consumer Board Member Day

One of the most important, and unique elements of the Health Center Model is the 51% Consumer Majority Governing Board. Each health center is owned and operated by the very patients it serves – after all, who better to drive the services and leadership of the health center, than those from the community who use the services themselves. Health Center Consumer Board Members hold an incredibly important role in overseeing the operations of the health center and representing the needs and voice of the community. To celebrate Consumer Board Member Day consider hosting one of the follo

NHCW Focus Day Blog: Consumer Board Members

wing events or engaging your local media by:

  • Hosting a Community Open House with Consumer Board Members – let your Consumer Board Members serve as the greeters and connectors at the health center for patients, partners and all others. Be sure to share the unique role of Consumer Board Members in governing the health center and showcase this unique element of the Health Center Program.
  • Ask one of your Consumer Board Members to submit a Letter to the Editor or Opinion Editorial – speaking to their role in overseeing the operations of the health center, why/how the health center is so important to the community, and what is at stake without continued support and resources.
  • Recognize your Consumer Board Members using these certificate templates.



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