National Health Center Week
August 9-15, 2020

2018 Picture & Video Contest Finalists

Congratulations to the 2018 NHCW Picture & Video Contest finalists!

Voting is now CLOSED. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners on Monday, 9/24!



Adam Burt- Southern Jersey Family Medical Centers

Adriana Del Rio- Sunset Community Health Center

Brenda Spector- Peak Vista Community Health Centers

Cameron McClusky- CAMcare Health Corporation

Cat Calsetta- C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics

Christina Unser- Community Health Center of the Black Hills

Christine Zhuang- Charles B. Wang Community Health Center

Derrick Vander Waal- Promise Community Health Center

Ed “Tiger” Verdin- Teche Action Clinic

Elizabeth Bille- AltaMed Health Services

Eva Schmid- Crescent Community Health Center

Jenn Schehl- Heart of Ohio Family Health Centers

Jordan Cagle- Chota Community Health Services

Jorge Beltran- United Health Centers

Juan Jimenez- Variety Care

Julia Derrick- HopeHealth

Kara Gee- MyCare Health Center

Lara D’Antonio- Piedmont Access to Health Services

Lindsay MacPhail- Family Health Center of Worcester

Lisette Barbosa- Community Health Centers of Lane County

Patty Young- Alliance Medical Center

Sara Flugel- Carevide

September Symens- OneWorld Community Health Centers

Susan Trachsel- Lincoln Community Health Center

Suzi Mariano- Northwest Colorado Health


Annette James- Care Alliance Health Center

Cecilia Quintero- Connectus Health

Jordan Cagle- Chota Community Health Services

Magali Garcia- Columbia Basin Health Association

Mimi O’Gara- Open Door Family Medical Centers

Nancy Johnson- El Rio Health

Rachel Bieber- Primary Health Network

Stephanie Marshall- Daughters of Charity Health Centers

Steve Abramson- ChapCare

Victoria Wood- Community Health Centers of the Central Coast


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Bethesda, MD 20814

Phone: 1-202-296-3800