National Health Center Week
August 12-18, 2018

2017 Happenings

National Health Center Week 2017

August 13-19

THEME: “Celebrating America’s Health Centers: The Key to Healthier Communities”

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Each year we celebrate the work and services Health Centers provide to special populations within their community on designated days during the week. This year is no different, but we have added focused themed days, that will allow for more opportunities to showcase the innovative services and programs at Health Centers.

We encourage you to consider coordinating your celebrations around the corresponding dates and focused themes listed below to showcase the innovative programs and services your health center provides in the community. To be clear, your events do not have to coincide exactly with the focus of respective days – much like the NHCW theme, focus days are available to enhance your events and help provide structure at your discretion. By coordinating as many local efforts as possible focused on each area on the same day, helps maximize the impact of our message nationally.

Look for tools and resources to support your activities coming soon!

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